Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ultimate Pulihodharyai (Tamarind Rice)

This recipe was given to me by my Andhra friend 'Mala' and so far this is the best pulihodharyai. I have always received compliments in potlucks and at home it is a finger licking event when I make this. Very easy to make but involves three major steps. This is the ultimate like Tyler's recipes:)

Step 1 making the rice:

I use only basmati rice and drain out the starch water so that the rice does not stick. Cool the rice in a wide pan.

Step 2 making the tamarind gravy:

2 table spoons of tamarind paste. I used Laximi paste as this is not too tart.

A pinch of turmeric.

Salt to taste.

And sesame oil (gingelly Indian style) I always use Idayam this gives the best taste.

Mix all the above in a vessel and heat it on low. Just enough so that it forms thick gravy.

Step 3 making the masala powder:

Methi Seeds 1 teaspoons

Coriander Seeds 1 1/2 teaspoons

Till Seeds 2 teaspoons

Dry red chilies 8 (more if you want it hotter)

Dry roast all the above except the red chilies till the spice comes. Now fry the red chilies in a little oil.

Now grind all this in a coarse powder as shown in the picture.


Mustard seeds 1 teaspoon

Curry leaves a few

A handful of groundnut

Green chilies 3 (use a mild variety)

A little chana dal and urad dal

Sesame oil (Change the quantity based on how much rice you have).

1. Now mix the tamarind gravy and the powder masala add salt to your taste mix well.

2. Now prepare the seasoning in sesame oil starting with mustard once that spurts add the dals, then the curry leaves and the chilies.

3. Pour the seasoning over the mixed rice and add a little sesame oil on top.

Enjoy this rice with 'avakkai' pickle and curd. Yummy!!

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