Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kala Channa

The tasty and easy recipe. Loved at my house with white rice but I like it with roti /paratha. I am diabetic so always try to reduce carb intake and one way to do this is by sprouting the dried legumes or beans that use in your cooking. This kala chana recipe tastes best if you use ghee for tempering /seasoning.

Kala Chana - 1cup (sprouted)
Garlic - 3 cloves or more if you like it garlicky
Red Chilli - 2 teaspoon
Jeera seeds - 1 teaspoon
Water - 2 or 3 cups (depending on the gravy you want)
Ghee - 1 table spoons
Salt to taste

1. Boil the sprouted chana.
2. Cook the chana till well done - I used a pressure cooker and cooked for three whistles.
3. In a large pan add cooked chana, salt and the water. Let this come to a rolling boil. I mashed some chana's to give the gravy little thickness.
4. Keep in aside in a serving bowl.

Tadka (seasoning:
1. Heat ghee.
2. Add jeera and let it change color but do not burn it.
3. Add garlic and let it sizzle no need for it to change color.
4. Switch off the gas and add red chili powder.

Enjoy with rice and papad or roti and sabji.

Pour the tadka over the kala chana.

Kala Channa with gravy

Yesterday's dinner - kala channa, Guvar and flash fried chillies.
R enjoying dinner:) He eats rice with a fork!!